Consultancy Services

The Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre offers consultancy services in the following areas :

Biotechnology Research Institute

  • Plant and animal genetics
  • Plant and animal improvement and production
  • Promotion of underutilised plant resources
  • Adapting biotechnology to the needs of agriculture
  • Biosafety and Biodiversity

Building Technology Institute

  • Structural and geotechnical Engineering and soil testing
  • Housing and infrastructure development
  • Construction technologies and alternative building materials

Electronics and Communications Institute

  • Industrial process automation and control
  • Boiler automation
  • Volume measurement systems
  • Industrial equipment re-engineering
  • Embedded systems design and development

Energy Technology Institute

  • Energy management
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Fuels
  • Solar, electric and thermal energy
  • Coal systems
  • Energy audits and efficiency

Environmental Science Institute

  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation
  • Biodiversity studies
  • Industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring
  • Solid waste and wastewater management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Baseline studies
  • Resource efficient and cleaner production audits
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Geo-information and Remote Sensing Institute

  • Agriculture and forestry applications
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Creation and management of GIS (spatial) databases
  • Geo-referencing and digitising data
  • Mineral exploration using GIS, geo-statistics and remote sensing techniques
  • Water resources inventories, management and hydrological modelling
  • Early warning of natural disasters
  • Satellite imagery processing and classification for land-use /land-cover change monitoring
  • Digital near-real time data collection
  • Creation of digital data collection aggregate servers (internet or LAN based)
  • Creating land management information systems, e.g. Cadaster
  • GPS field-area calculations and GIS mapping
  • Project monitoring and evaluation using GIS and remote sensing techniques

Food and Biomedical Technology Institute

  • Food technology
  • Biomedical technology
  • Industrial biotechnology
  • Biochemical and chemical engineering
  • Analytical services (pharmaceuticals, veterinary drugs, pesticide residue, soil, water, food, feed, geo-chemistry)
  • Indigenous food processing
  • Herbal oils production and detergent production
  • Quality control of raw materials and products
  • Contract research and development

Informatics Institute

  • Design and development of high quality bespoke software systems
  • Website design and development
  • Network design

Metallurgical Research Institute

  • Mine feasibility studies
  • Metallurgical plant optimisation
  • Physical metallurgy and foundry technology
  • Extractive metallurgy and mineral processing

National Metrology Institute

  • Equipment calibration services
  • Research and development of measurement standards
  • Installation and commissioning of new equipment
  • Development of quality management systems, e.g. ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9000

Production Engineering Institute

  • Plant and equipment design and development
  • Plant construction and commissioning
  • Lean management
  • Product design technologies
  • Manufacturing process optimisation
  • Engineering maintenance and reliability
  • Design and development of machine tools
  • Packaging, design and production
  • New materials: polymers

Business Operations Unit

  • Development of bankable business plans
  • Commercialisation of research outputs
  • Marketing of products and services
  • Capacity building anchored by the Stage Gate Process