About Us

The Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC) was established by the Government of Zimbabwe in February 1993 under the provisions of the Research Act of 1986. SIRDCӳ mandate is to carry out strategic research and development (R & D) for the benefit of the manufacturing, service, agricultural and mining sectors of Zimbabwe as well as to commercialise R & D outputs.

Our mission is to provide Zimbabwe and the region with technological solutions for sustainable development. Our vision is to become the leading Centre for the development of Zimbabwe and the region through reduction to practice of technologically developed products and processesSIRDC has 12 research institutes, namely:

Polymer Sciences Institute

Other complementary departments include Technology & Commercial Information Promotion System (TIPS), Food & Nutrition Council (FNC), Business Operations Unit (BOU) as well as strategic business units (SBUs): Zimbabwe Technological Solutions (ZTS) and ZTS Seeds.

The Centre also has supporting units that include Finance; Internal Audit; Communication, Information and Public Relations; Transport/Logistics; Human Resources; Purchasing and Security. Its farming operations grow potato seed; foundation seed for its flagship Sirdamaize 113 hybrid seed; commercial maize; soya beans and sugar beans all at a commercial scale.

The Centre has adopted a business approach to all its activities anchored by the Stage Gate Process with an ultimate goal of attaining financial independence.