The Estate Department at SIRDC is responsible for maintaining the environs of the Centre. The Department maintains the exterior grounds and internal (office) plants to enhance the pleasant presentation of the whole Centre.

The Department is responsible for landscaping of the SIRDC grounds. It plans and designs various outlays of flower beds, rockeries, paths and walkways. We identify suitable areas for planting different types of lawn and bushes to beautify the Centre. We ensure the pleasantness of the environs by keeping the grass and shrubs around the Centre well-trimmed. Foliage and pieces of paper are picked timeously to ensure clean surroundings all the time.

The Estate Department is also responsible for the cleaning and upkeep of all buildings at the Centre, including office blocks and laboratories.

For Further Information Contact:
The Manager, Estate Department
Landline: +263(242)860320, 860322
FCT Lines: +263-778860323, 778860324, 778860327
Mobile: +263772529441