Director: Mrs Nolian Norah Mapfumo

Mrs Nolian Norah Mapfumo

Mrs Nolian Norah Mapfumo is the Director of the Human Resources Department at SIRDC. She joined SIRDC in April 2008 as a Human Resources Executive and was promoted to her current position in July 2008. Prior to joining SIRDC, Mrs Mapfumo was an Executive Consultant under Lorimak Human Resources Consultancy from August 2003 to March 2008. Mrs Mapfumo also held various positions at NCR, a multinational organisation with Headquarters in the USA and a sub-regional Head Office in Cyprus.

Her areas of expertise include developing human resources policies and procedures; implementing strategies; recruitment and selection at all levels; manpower training and development; labour law; organisation development; salary and benefits administration; board secretarialship; managing and coordinating safety, health and welfare portfolio and all routine duties in a human resources environment.

Mrs Mapfumo holds a Masters degree in Administration, a Diploma in Management, a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Management (HR) from Nottingham Trent University, a Commercial Diploma from the Royal Society of Arts and numerous in-house and public training courses. She is a Ph D degree candidate.