Energy Technology Institute (ETI)

About ETI

The Energy Technology Institute (ETI) provides technological solutions and services in the energy field to public and private institutions in Zimbabwe. ETI strives to continually establish and maintain close and permanent partnership with industry and all stakeholders in areas of mutual benefit related to collaborative research, development of new products, provision of expert technical services and training in the energy field.

ETI collaborates with power supply utilities, providers of industrial and domestic consumer services, government, non-governmental organizations and energy research and development organizations in and outside Zimbabwe.

  • Mandate of the Institute

    • Spearheading technology development within the energy sector
    • Adapting, upgrading and transferring of energy technologies for the benefit of industry in Zimbabwe
    • Promoting efficient use of energy resources
    • Maximizing energy availability, accessibility and affordability
    • Spearheading the introduction of environmentally friendly energy resources to the local market
    • Providing information on energy technology to various stakeholders
    • Building technical capacity and developing a human resource base with technical expertise in the energy sector
    • Establishing state of the art energy management systems
    • Ascertaining the energy needs of Zimbabwe and providing technical solutions
  • Services Offered by the Institute
    The services offered by each of the three divisions of the Energy Technology Institute are listed below:

    Energy Management Division

    • Energy Audits in Industrial, Mining, Agriculture, Transport and Buildings (Commercial, Institutional, Domestic)
    • Online Load Characterization
    • Development and Implementation of Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001)
    • Carbon footprint determination
    • Energy System Assessment; Lighting; Pumps and Fans; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning; Compressed Air; Insulation; Heating/Drying and Steam System
    • Planning, Development and Implementation of Energy Management and Energy Efficiency Programmes and Projects.
    • Designing and Implementation of Maximum Demand (MD) Reduction (Load Factor Improvement) Programmes.
    • Designing, Sizing and Installation of Power Factor Correction Systems.
    • Energy Bill Analysis and Verification
    • Power Quality Audits (Supply Harmonics Measurements and Reduction).
    • Electrical Testing and Fault Diagnosis.
    • Maintenance of Electrical Systems.
    • Training in Energy Management
    • Consultancy on Wide Range of Electrical Problems.

    Fuel Division

    Testing of solid, liquid and gas fuels including the following tests:

    • Coal proximate and ultimate
    • Combustion condition determination and optimization
    • Ash analysis
    • Flue gas analysis
    • Boiler efficiency tests and optimization
    • Training on industrial boiler operation and control
    • Consultancy on wide range of fuel resources

    Renewable Energy Division

    • Design and supply of solar systems (including home light, stoves and water pumping).
    • Design and supervision of installation of medium and commercial biogas digesters.
    • Design and supply of solar streetlights, solar dryers, solar cookers, biomass stoves and solar charging station as per client specifications.
    • Testing of solar system components (battery charge/discharge, tubes life cycle and charge controller operation).
    • Testing of performance of variety of biomass stoves and measurement of indoor pollution.
    • Testing of burning characteristics of charcoal and saw dust briquette
    • Development and installation of integrated renewable energy systems for rural electrification.
    • Practical training on design, construction and operation of solar home systems, solar water pumping and hydro systems.


    • Energy Management (Awareness and Industrial Process Optimisation)
    • Development and Implementation of Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001 EnMS)
    • Design and installation of renewable energy systems
  • Recently Completed Projects

    • Mid-Term Evaluation for Rural Sustainable Energy ֠Oxfam (October 2013)
    • Carbon Footprint Determination ֠Olivine Industries (August 2013)
    • Design and development of an Investment Model for the uptake of Solar Thermal Technologies in industry ֠SNV (September ֠November 2012)
    • Steam system Assessment ֠Olivine Industries (October 2012)
    • Carbon Footprint Determination ֠Olivine Industries (August 2012)
    • Energy Audit Awareness and Technical Training ֠Mimosa Platinum Mine (March ֠April 2012)
    • Energy Audit ֠Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (February 2012
    • Energy Management Training ֠Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (January 2012)
    • Energy Audit ֠Goldstar Sugars (August 2011)
    • Carbon Footprint Determination ֠Tobacco Processing Zimbabwe (July 2011)
    • Energy Audit ֠ZIMASCO (July 2011)
    • Energy Audit ֠Turnall Fibre Cement (May 2011)
    • Energy Audit - Crystal Candy (April 2011)
    • Energy Audit - Delta Lagers, Harare (April 2010)
    • Chivi solar powered irrigation project - poverty alleviation and empowering the community using labour saving and environmentally friendly solar energy technology (1st phase: 2008-2010)
    • Introduction to Energy Management Training - Olivine Industries (November 2009)
    • Energy Audit - Mutare Bottling Company (October 2009)
    • Energy Audit - Delta Sparkling Beverages (March 2009)
    • Introduction to Energy Management Training - Ministry of Energy and Power Development (May 2009)./li>
    • Energy Audits in 25 SMEs for the energy efficiency policy draft (2007-2009)
  • Other completed projects in the past eight years include:

    • Mhondoro Central Charging Station: Energy Technology Institute designed, fabricated and installed a 1kW solar central charging station in Mhondoro, Zimbabwe which is powering a clinic and has the capacity to light up 50 houses.
    • UNESCO Solar Platform: The institute was chosen by UNESCO to house modern solar training facilities for the SADC region on solar home light system, solar water pumping and mini/micro hydro schemes.
    • Biomass Test Centre for the SADC Region: The institute was chosen by GTZ ProBec to be the Southern Africa Regional Test Centre for biomass-stove development and indoor pollution measurements.
    • Chimanimani Sustainable Renewable Energy Village: The Energy Technology Institute successfully completed the provision of the Rusitu Valley Community in Zimbabwe with an integrated and total energy solution to meet their needs from energy. This included the installation of a solar central charging station for lighting the homes and a clinic, provision of solar driers for drying excess fruits and vegetables for preservation and selling during the off-season.
    • Tubular Biogas Digester Project: Africa 2000, a NGO, chose the Energy Technology Institute to develop, build and train the rural communities at Kezi Community Centre, South of Zimbabwe, on tubular biogas digesters. The institute completed the installation of a total of four digesters.
    • Women in Business and Skills Development Project: This was a community-based project aimed at financially empowering women in Gwanda community of Zimbabwe through the provision of environmentally friendly means of drying their agriculture produce to increase shelf life. The institute built two solar driers, and trained the women on how to use the driers.
    • Solar Street Light: The light is an environmentally friendly product since it uses solar power in its operation. It is a standסlone system and can be erected in remote areas, which are far away from the electricity grid.

For Further Information Contact:
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