The Procurement Department of SIRDC procures goods and services using best value practices while working collaborately to meet the needs of SIRDC and its customers.  It is our mission to ensure that SIRDC procurements are conducted in an open and fair environment, Whilst consistently promoting completion in full compliance with applicable polices, laws and regulations

SIRDC procurement policies were adopted from Procurement Regulatory Authority to assist stakeholders who buys goods and services, to be good stewards of SIRDC resources.

  • Coordination the procurement of goods and services for the Centre
  • Securing competitive quotes and tenders to obtain maximum value for spend
  • Researching market and developing new sources of supplies to ensure availability
  • Fostering and maintaining professional relationship with supplies and internal customers
  • Ensuring compliance with Government Laws regulations and SIRDS policies
  • Ensuring contract compliance
  • Promotes efficient purchasing practise and their continuous improvement
  • Ensure that sourcing activity is designed for inclusivity and supplier diversity

Same Threshold as ours

  • Under $10 000.00 – 3 quotes
  • $10 000 to $99 999 - Closed Tender


Following consistent processes and procedures that are in line with accepted good practice for State Sector organisation and allow transparency in decision making.

Maintaining appropriated records and minutes relating to Procurement activities that allow for subsequent review of the decision making process

Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable procurement considers the environmentally, social and economic consequences of design, methods used, methods, logistics and disposal

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